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Initial Term:

_________ Sessions, in person / by telephone, of approximately one-hour duration each fortnight or at other times as agreed during the coaching period.



(day) ________________ (date) _______/_______/20_____ at (time) _______am/pm
and thereafter on the same day and time at the agreed interval, unless agreed otherwise by both parties with at least 24 hours notice. If you cancel more than 3 sessions during the term then I may terminate this agreement on notice to you. Uless sessions are held at the client's premesis, t
he client will be responsible to call or visit the coach at the agreed time.


Total Fee:

$________________ plus GST  for ____________________ sessions.


Payment Arrangement:

Payment by cash, cheque or direct deposit(preferred), either at the time of each session or monthly within 7 days of invoice. No other statements are issued and no late payments are permitted. If you are having a short-term challenge just let me know. Otherwise I may ask you to find another coach, as timeliness and integrity are standards I value.


Our arrangement is: _________________________________________________


Session Preparation:

You must perform all actions you agree to undertake forming part of the coaching sessions and any action in preparation for future sessions determined by me. You must advise me of the outcome or progress of all actions, or as soon as you become aware that these actions will not or cannot be performed. This advice is critical to my session preparation and to support your progress between sessions. If you refuse to carry out such actions then this coaching series may be terminable by me.


Coaching Methods:

I warrant that I am a certified coach with Results Coaching Systems, a member of the International Coach Federation and adhere to their code of ethics and that I am reasonably capable of performing the coaching activities. You acknowledge that the coaching sessions may be personally, emotionally or physically challenging and that there may be occasions when you feel frustration, annoyance or stress. You must make all efforts to ensure you are capable of attending and participating in all coaching sessions and shall take all steps necessary to cancel or defer any session that you are not well enough to continue. You acknowledge that coaching is not therapeutic in nature or intent and does not deal with abnormal health issues. You must advise me if there are any psychiatric, counselling or health issues, current or past, that may impact on your ability to achieve the benefits from coaching. Your failure to comply with any of these issues may make this coaching series terminable by me. You will not hold me responsible for any loss or cost incurred by you in the event of any emotional, mental or physical stress caused either directly or indirectly in relation to the coaching sessions. You shall indemnify me against any such claim.



All material is copyright and shall not be reproduced in any format without the express written approval of Smart Leadership.



All information from your coaching is strictly confidential. This is critical to a mutually trusting relationship necessary for coaching success and is an element of our code of ethics. No information collected by us, aspects of your coaching, or questionnaires completed by you shall be divulged to any third party without your prior consent. One month after the completion of your coaching series, all coaching documents are destroyed with the exception of the signed contract and your feedback completion report at the end of your coaching series. At your own discretion you are welcome to share with others your achievements and successes from our coaching relationship. The primary way we develop our business is through referrals and we appreciate your advocacy.



We may terminate this agreement before the end of the period if you fail to perform or observe any of the terms of this agreement and fail to remedy such breach within 5 business days of a notice from us to remedy that failure; if you fail to perform any term of this agreement which is incapable of remedy; if you become insolvent, bankrupt or any court order is made against you and/or your assets. You may terminate this agreement on the same basis. Either you or we may terminate this agreement by mutual consent in writing.



Coach’s Full Name and Signature:


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Client’s Full Name and Signature:


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