Our Unique Topic: Fractal Leadership®

Fractal Leadership® brings the science and spirituality of leadership together for naturally recurring, value-driven outcomes in individual performance, leadership effectiveness and organisation design.

This is state-of-the-art thinking. It combines all three elements: individuals, leadership and organisation together in the one paradigm. As our global village confronts massive change, Fractal leadership® provides the next generation of leadership and organisation design. To explore further, go to our dedicated Fractal Leadership® site at: http://www.fractalleadership.com.au

Apart from speaking engagements, we conduct Fractal Leadership® workshops, and 1, 2 or 3 day executive retreats. We use the word retreat because, in a relaxed atmosphere, participants transform their thinking and practices.

We also have a strongly supported organisation change program where clients can license our Fractal Leadership® IP. If you would like to explore this possibility with us, click me.

Speaking Topics

Please select your topic then click me to make a fee enquiry and put a hold on your date.

We are qualified to speak on any topic that involves: individual motivation and performance; leadership effectiveness, change; and effective organisation design. Contact us to discuss your specific needs or select one of these topics:

  • Time management has nothing to do with time!
    Traditional TM programs get participants to work out how valuable they are, but what if this thinking is wrong?. click me for a topic overview.
  • The secret to powerful leadership!
    No beating around the bush. Here's my secret formula, but.... click me for a topic overview.
  • People perform - organisations don't!
    We are really just a bag of dirt and water that can think. click me for a topic overview.
  • Change is hard! 
    The trouble is, most change models are a physical impossibility! click me for a topic overview.


As stated above, we are well qualified to run workshops on any subject that involves individual performance, leadership, change and organisation effectiveness.

We conduct half-day workshops on all the above topics, either as a stand alone event, or a follow-on event that reinforces and adds to the speaking engagement. To explore this, or other topics such as Customer Service or Sales that relate to our core capabilities, click me



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