Richard Wineberg BBus MBA

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My Personal Drivers:

I see my life's journey as a never ending success trip, success being the pursuit of satisfaction and satisfaction being the enrichment I feel when I make a contribution to spirit.

In his book, "The Art of Happiness", the Dali Lama said we achieve happiness when our soul is in sync with our personality. Thus, I feel I make a contribution to spirit when I think and act in accordance with my three core values: Family, Growth and Spirituality.

I believe our immortality comes, not from the history books, but from our family - the people we leave behind. I love my three-year old granddaughter and I love dancing. Already she loves to rock and roll with grandpa. I figure she will be a hot little dancer by the time she is six - a legacy I will leave with her.

My growth requires the constant application of my ideas, skills and talent to fulfil my need for achievement and challenge. My interest in life drawing is one such challenge pursued in the past year.  Every change, both personally and professionally, has enhanced growth in my logic, emotional and spiritual intelligences. Without change or the ups and downs in life, there would be no growth, no life and no purpose.

As a coach I often say my clients never cease to amaze me. I am privileged to be the catalyst in their success. The personal high I experience after client sessions is that feeling of enrichment for making a contribution to our world and to spirit.


My strength as a "generalist" is that my skill set, both academically and experientially, covers most aspects of organisational activity, including: administration, accounting, sales and marketing, operations and human resources.

My talent is in supporting individuals, leadership and organisations to be more effective.  As an accredited life and executive coach, I know how to stretch people to achieve more than they would by themselves. My history as a Executive is one with regular, strong bottom line results. In coaching and consulting, working at both operational and strategic levels, I can deliver creative solutions within acceptable guidelines and the organisation's goals.

I have over 15 years in senior management roles and a further 17 years consulting / coaching business owners and executives in a cross section of companies and industries. That range has given me the experience to operate in a variety of environments, structures and complex situations. Included are: The Australian Wheat Board, St John Ambulance Association, The Concise Group of Companies, The Independent Liquor Group Co-operative and Powerprice P/L (consulting to the top 1500 companies in Australia), Rowntree Hoadley, IBM and Kiddy Kater.

By way of major examples, Concise Group and ILG both were major restructures designed and implemented by me, with the outcomes being "the best profit in the company's 21 year history", and "greasing the wheels that facilitated an increase in sales from $65 million to $193 million" respectively.


  • MBA in change management (UTS) 1988
  • B.Bus (NSWIT) 1981
  • Cert IV in Workplace Assessment and Training (Tafe) 2002
  • Accredited Level 1 Life Coach (RCS) 2000
  • Accredited Executive Coach (RCS) 2003
  • Accredioted Life Coach Level 3 (RCS) 2004
  • Accredited Extended DISC Practitioner 2007



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