Client Event Briefing Form

Once you have confirmed your booking and paid the deposit, please complete the event briefing questions below. They cover four key areas:

  • Your organisation and contact details
  • Event details and logistics
  • Information about the audience, and
  • Your desired outcome

They are critical to our understanding of your event and help us personalise the presentation for you. We usually follow up with a telephone call to update / clarify any issues.

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  My presentation session length:
  Equipment availability:
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  Who is the audience:
  How many:
  Age group:
  Male/female proportion:
  Significant recent events in your orgn / industry:
  Any slogan/saying commonly used in your orgn:
  Any issues people are negative about:
  Any problems/pressures we should be aware of:
  3 things people are doing well I should reinforce:
  Examples of people going beyond the call of duty:
  3 well liked people we could have fun with:
  Any messages you can't give that I could for you:
  Any seed you want planted:
  What overall outcome do you want from this event:
  Any other notes:
  What have we missed asking you:

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