Diagnostic Tools

Please note that prices are a mixture of volume, organisation complexity and the nature of work we may be doing with you.

To discuss your needs and the use of Extended DISC or our Smart Leadership Audit, click me.

Extended DISC:

An easy assessment tool, conducted on-line, that gives you a foundation for effective recruitment, enhanced performance and improved team dynamics, Extended DISC is ideal for:  Personal analysis, Job analysis,  Work pair analysis, Team analysis, Team alignment and Individual and/or Team 360 feedback.

Smart Leadership Audit:

A survey format that takes staff about 20 to 35 minutes to complete.
It contains three prime sections:

  • Job Motivation Diagnostics (the cause and effect of job & environment characteristics and their impact on performance),
  • Organisation Climate, and
  • Values Gap Analysis. 

An extremely comprehensive tool that:

  • Benchmarks and actually measures those soft personnel factors often hard to quantify
  • Identifies gaps in individual performance, leadership effectiveness and organisation synergies
  • Provides individual, team & organisation pictures of performance and cause/effect issues
  • An opportunity for a staff feedback survey (without the gripe factor)

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